Saturday, August 7, 2010

Some things you may not know about me...

  1. I think fudge tastes like dry frosting.

  2. I will eat the following things straight out of the can/package: sauerkraut, black olives, taco bell/time sauce

  3. On the subject of food: I try to steer clear of anything that bounces- american cheese, bolagna, etc.

  4. I have no idea what I want to be when I "grow up." Accountant, bakery owner, event planner, teacher, history teacher???

  5. I don't have enough patience to scrapbook- and besides- it's a big waste of money

  6. I stalk photography blogs religiously

  7. I have a scar on my ankle in the shape of a perfect heart, and ironically, my name means "worthy of love."

  8. I love to bake and cook and feed the food to others.

  9. Income Property on HGTV is one of my favorite shows. And the host sure isn't hard to look at for a 30 minute episode. My dad thinks Scott is feminine- I don't think so.

  10. James Marsden, James McAvoy, Jon McLaughlin, and Ryan Reynolds are very handsome. J. M.??? I just realized that :)

  11. I think IN-N-OUT is overrated.

  12. I hope to get a master's degree in something

  13. Next year, I will have moved 5 houses in 5 years in 3 different states.

  14. It is actually painful to walk into Orson Gygi, Sur La Table, or Williams-Sonoma, because I know I don't have the money to buy the whole stores' contents.

  15. I love mini things. Paperclips, staplers, hamburgers, ice cream containers, bowls....

  16. I love to play the piano- but I'm a slacker at practicing  the songs. I wish I was as good as Jon McLaughlin.

  17. I love music. A lot- except for Hip-Hop, R & B, and Justin Beiber. And Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, and any disney people. Give me a singer with some talent.

  18. I think Hip-Hop/Rap artists earn way too much money. Swearing and speaking to a beat while talking about crude/immature things? Anyone can do that.

  19. I went to the 2002 olympics and saw Sasha Cohen ice skate. I decided I wanted to be like her- so I signed up for ice skating lessons and didn't go far.

  20. I HATE cleaning showers. I will clean a toilet - no problem. But a shower? No thanks.

  21. One day, I'd like to own a bakery in new york- that serves all things in a miniature size.

  22. I once had a "I love David Archuleta" phase for a few months. Not nearly as bad as a Jonas Brothers phase some girls have, right?? I hope so.

  23. I am eternally grateful for deoderant, showers, straighteners, and air conditioning.

  24. I have quite a few pet peeves- chomping, slow-walkers, slow drivers, snoring, toilet lid left open, wet dish rags crumbled in the sink ready to get all friendly with Mold and Mildew.

  25. I like doing laundry

  26. I went to Western New York this summer (palmyra/rochester), and it is so beautiful there. It really is.

  27. I wish I had a brother. Really bad.

  28. According to the Color Code book, I am a red personality

  29. I'd much rather read cookbooks than a classic novel.

  30. I think i should stop writing this list.

-amanda abby

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