Thursday, January 20, 2011

New York City Day 1

I haven't cooked anything in the past few weeks because I went to New York City for my senior trip and then (yesterday) the doctor told me I had strep throat. So I've been lounging around doing nothing for the past couple of days and it has gotten pretty boring. Anyways... to the point of this post- I went to New York City last week and it was so much fun. It was my first time and I can't wait to go back.

We (my mom and I) left last Tuesday at 6:30 am and arrived at Newark around noon.

Car service to our dumpy hotel. The ride was scary- we almost got hit by a big truck!

Lunch at Shake Shack - and boy, was it delicious. The sauce they put on their burgers is mmm good.

Famous Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies at Levain Bakery - the cookie was really good- but HUGE! I didn't realize how big they were until after we paid $8 for only 2 cookies!
We ventured through Central Park and were consequently hooked into paying $45 bucks to be driven around in this little carriage thing hooked up to a bike. The biker was from the Congo and so we really couldn't understand what he was saying.
We tried to get lottery tickets for Wicked, but we showed up an hour too late. I was really bummed. Instead, we splurged for tickets really close to the stage and it was definitely worth it. Wicked was amazing- the girl who played Galinda was hilarious!
Dinner at Le Pain Quotidien. It was yummy- but it certainly didn't blow my mind. The pesto on my mom's open faced sandwich was really really tasty and fresh, though.
Ventured back to the hotel through the snow and took a shower in a gross, old and teeny weeny hotel bathroom. Seriously people, this hotel was SO small. It had a double and twin bed and nothing else. The closet wasn't even wide enough for a hanger.
So that's it for Day numero uno for New York City.

Here are some of my observations of New York City (in the short week I visited):
Everyone was very nice and helpful except for the lady behind me in the bathroom line at Wicked. I was trying to take off my scarf and I think I  yanked it a little too hard so it flipped her in the face (I think). I immediately recognized what I had done, so I turned around and asked if I accidentally whacked her in the face and that I was really sorry. With a snotty looking face she turned to me and said "m-hmm." She was so rude.
It seems like everyone smokes here. I held my breath a lot when we were walking.
Times Square is ridiculous on the weekend (even in January).
It is definetly not an affordable city. There are just so many costs to think of- tipping sure adds up.
I like the Upper West Side- it's more residential and a lot less crowded.
I didn't think it was a scary place to be at all. I ventured down to the East Village by myself and I wasn't really scared.
The Subways are fine and not scary either- though some of them smelt like pee (the stations- not the actual trains).
Taxi drivers are so scary and extremely honk-happy- which is annoying.
There is a lot of poo in Central Park and on the sidewalks on the Upper West Side.
Speaking of dogs- there are a lot of them. No one has kids- they have dogs- I only saw one pregnant woman that whole time. I think my mom was saying that she read an article that said the abortion rate is 42% in NYC  :(
About the only free things in NYC (that I know of?): t.v. tickets, churches, & central park. Yep, I think that's about it. Oh, and the Staten Island Ferry- which we didn't have time for.

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